Saturday, 20 December 2014

A little winter music

One of my favourite ways to get myself in the mood for anything is to make playlists. This time of year is not a good time to be out, because I have a near-pathological hatred of Christmas pop songs and they're EVERYWHERE. So today, for you, I have a playlist of songs that make me feel wintry. The Spotify link is here: Winter 2014. The YouTube link is here.

This was a good way to find out what makes a wintry song for me. On these playlists you'll find a lot of songs that mention winter or features of its weather in the lyrics or title, and lots of voice and piano music. Much of it is quite gentle, though there are one or two livelier tracks. Some of them aren't explicitly about winter at all, and I just included them because I associate them with this time of year for no particular reason.

Over to you, friends! Which music makes you think of winter? The Spotify playlist is collaborative, so feel free to add your suggestions in there. Alternatively, feel free to comment or tweet me (@theviciouspixie) with suggestions for tracks. You could even make your own and share it - I'll feature my favourites later in the blog. The only rule: no Christmas songs!

Happy listening, and happy playlisting!

(Incidentally, in spite of what this playlist would suggest, I am a massive metalhead. Who wants a metal edition?)

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